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Die EOS Group bietet neben dem Forderungsmanagement weitere Dienstleistungen an. Wir kombinieren die Erfahrung unserer Inkassospezialisten mit digitalen Technologien um so effezient arbeiten zu können. Mit uns sparen Sie Zeit und Geld.

We get your cash and keep your customers.

Our win-win solution.

We know your debtors and we know your business. That's why we find solutions for both sides. Tailored and people-oriented. We combine talent with technology and brains with artificial intelligence. In short, we invest in intelligent financial services. This means we know your debtors better than anyone else, and therefore help you better than anyone else.

So, whatever your financial challenge, you can count on us. We'll be happy to provide you with advice.

Smart financial services.

Professional Arrears Management.

Let us do the work for you.

When we manage your receivables, we monitor payments and send reminders if necessary. We use our expertise and experience to talk to your customers in the right tone of voice, at the right time, and via the right media. So you can be sure that we get your cash and keep your customers. And you can do what you’re best at: your core business.
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Debt Purchase.

Get your cash – leave the risk to us.

We buy your receivables in cooperation with the EOS Group and take on the risk of non-payment for a fair price. We take a random sample and let our tried-and-tested algorithms do the maths to predict the value of your debt portfolio. Your benefits: instant cash flow, a positive impact on your balance sheet – and freedom from the burden of unpaid debts. And, of course, peace of mind that we’ll treat today’s debtors as tomorrow’s customers.
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Debt Collection.

Let us save you time and money.

Handing responsibility for debt collection to EOS saves you time and energy and gives you peace of mind. We contact non-paying customers, both B2B and B2C, through all available channels. And we use tact and professionalism at all times to maintain positive relationships with your customers, using legal proceedings only as a last resort.
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International debt collection

We work across borders, without borders.

Different languages, legal systems and customs: that’s what makes international debt collection challenging. We make it easy for you. EOS works across borders, without borders.

We can help you in two ways: with our Cross-Border Solution or our Shared-Service Solution.

Cross-Border Solution

  • Presence of EOS representative in your home country
  • Highest security, legal and ethical standards
  • Low risk – no success, no fee
  • Your EOS representative understands your language and your needs
  • EOS acts with integrity, tact and professionalism as it is understood in each locality
  • Partners in over 180 countries
Shared-Service Solution

  • Get your money fast – process moves quickly with integrated IT systems
  • Direct, transparent and real-time communication
  • Group-wide harmonisation of processes
  • Binding SLA
  • Skip tracing and first letter with legitimation within 24 hours
  • First phone call within 10 days
  • We take charge of debt collection, making full use of our local expertise
Our IT platform optimizes global workflows by regulating automated case transmit between partners around the world. The platform ensures direct, transparent and real-time communication in 180 countries over the world.

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